Cumbersomepeople: Henrik Leslye

Henrik Leslye : Good communication and management of all the cumbersome

Business psychologist , cand . psych . Lecturer, educator and strategic advisor .

Henrik Leslye is an award-winning teacher and his specialties are , inter alia, within positive psychology , management, and communication.
He is known as an engaging and humorous intermediary with a direct manner .

We got the latest knowledge , and lots of inspiration. Just because there is scientific research behind it, do it would not be boring.
A lecture focusing on the four archetypes , their difficult behavior and how to better understand each other - even when it gets difficult.

 You certainly have met them all before, but perhaps not thought about it, tells Henrik Leslye . The four archetypes : Sensor , Thinker, dealer and the person who will constantly change .

 That we are so different makes the world richer , but sometimes even more difficult. The communication between the different types of people can be difficult . Each type of people has its strengths , but also a special way to be difficult . You get the recipe for handling the types troublesome backs, informs Henrik Leslye.

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